About Us

Everyone is part of a generation, but not everyone knows which one they belong to or what the nuances are. We aim to change that. Here you can discover your generation and get insights relevant to it. You'll also find out about other generations. It's about connecting you to your generational identity and understanding others.

Who We Are

We're Natasha and Vladimir. We've got a keen interest in sociology, especially when it comes to generational theory. Natasha, with a journalism background, does a lot of the research and writing here. While working in the software industry as a team leader, Vladimir looks after the tech side of things. He also writes, sharing insights on technologies and management in relation to generational shifts.

Why We Created This Platform

As a journalist, Natasha interviewed many people of different ages and backgrounds. Over time, she saw patterns in their stories and behaviors. This led her to the world of generational theory. Her curiosity grew, and she began to research more. The more she learned, the more she wanted to share.

In the meantime, Vladimir led diverse teams with members of different generations. He noticed that understanding generational traits made him a better leader. This knowledge helped to address individual needs, maximize team performance, and improve communication.

Both realized the importance of understanding generations. It wasn't just them; their friends and colleagues also showed a growing interest in the subject. Natasha and Vladimir decided to do something about it. They wanted to make information about generations centralized and easily accessible. That's how the idea to create aboutgenerations.com came about.