Articles About Generations

A deep dive into the world of generations. Here you'll find a mix of research, commentary, and analysis that explores the unique characteristics of different generations. Each article offers a new angle on how society changes over time.

Generation X

How Generation X Deals with Aging

Today, members of Generation X are in their forties and fifties. They look back on their younger years with excitement. But they are not trapped in nostalgia. They're reinventing themselves, discovering fresh ideals, hobbies, and growth options.


Things to Consider When Hiring Millennials

Millennials have qualities that attract employers. I'm also a Millennial, born in 1991. I'm proud to belong to the generation known for being full of energy and enthusiasm yet sometimes viewed as contradictory.

All Generations

Video Gaming Habits of Different Generations

Everyone has their own way of enjoying video games. Whether you're a Baby Boomer or a member of Gen Alpha, how you interact with video games tells a unique story. This article highlights different generations' gaming preferences and habits. Ready to see where you fit in the grand gaming world? Let's get started.

All Generations

Pop Culture Evolution From Lost Generation to Generation Alpha

I've always been fascinated by the constantly evolving nature of culture, particularly pop culture. It's a captivating reflection of societal transformations, seen through the lens of music, fashion, films, and books. Today, I'd like to take you on a remarkable journey, tracing pop culture's evolution from the Lost Generation right through to Generation Alpha. We'll be stepping back in time to the jazz-soaked Roaring Twenties, navigating our way to the digital, TikTok-trending present. As we explore each generation's unique cultural imprint, you'll see how deeply the times we live in shape the art we create. So, let's start this exciting journey into the rich world of popular culture that ties the past, present, and future together.